Give your website a makeover without rebuilding it

Do you want a new look for your business website?

If the answer is yes, you are probably worried that all the money you have invested in creating it, getting the Google ranking good, and loading all the products into your online store would go down the drain.

If your website is built in WordPress (or some of the other systems, including Weebly and Shopify), then we can change the theme, without losing any of your content.

Customising the new theme to meet your needs will be a fraction of the cost of re-building the website all over again. YAY!

I have taken several clients through this process lately – many of whom created their own website in the early stages of their business, and now that they are taking their business to the next level, we are re-theming their website to reflect this evolution.

Give your website a makeover without rebuilding it
A new theme can refresh a website without needing to rebuild it entirely

What is a theme?

If you think of your website as a house:

  • Your Content Management System (CMS) e.g. WordPress is the foundations and outer shell of your house.
  • The theme is like the floor layout and interior design.
  • Your content is like your personal belongings.

We can do some minor re-decorating (colours, fonts, etc) without needing to change your theme, but if you would like to do some major renovations to the layout of your pages or making a website mobile friendly, then a new theme may be the best way to do this.

For WordPress, many developers create themes, and these are available either freely or to purchase. The premium (a.k.a paid) themes come with a lot more options and support, in my mind, most are worth the investment.
Once a theme is loaded, there are many ways to customise specifically for your business’s website.

What happens to my existing website?

To keep your website up and running while this is all being worked on, a copy of your website is used as a testing or development site. All changes are done here, and then when you love how they look, the new theme and customisations are uploaded to your live website. Done!

If this sounds appealing, please feel free to contact me for more information. I am happy to discuss the best path to achieve your goals.

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