A few reasons:

  1. I use smart template software to give a clean, stylish and professional look to my web designs.
    As I do not write code from scratch, you do not have to pay for this time. The templates are very flexible for layout, colour schemes and content.

  3. I work from home, so business overheads are at a minimum.
    I am Auckland-based, and while I am happy to meet with local clients, communication via phone and email is usually all that is required to generate great results. This saves us both time and money.

  5. I do not offer custom graphic design.
    For some businesses this may be necessary, but for most small businesses, a smart template with tailored content and professional images are more than enough to provide a strong and professional online presence.
    I will happily work with graphic designers for logos and specific custom images, but if you require extensive graphic design work, it may be best that you seek an alternative provider.

  7. I genuinely want your business to get off on the right foot.
    I cringe at some ‘cheap’ websites out there, but appreciate that for many businesses, this is what they can afford. I want to help give small businesses a step up, by looking smart and professional right from the start, without needing a huge amount of cash to invest.
    After your website is live, we can continue to make edits as needed. It is very important to keep your website up to date, and fresh – ensuring that things like products/services, prices, and contact details are always correct for your customers.

There are two main ongoing costs to keep your website live on the internet:

  1. Hosting:
    Every website on the Internet needs to be ‘hosted’ on a server somewhere. It’s like paying a monthly ‘rent’ for your website to ‘live’ on the internet. Without it, your site would not exist.
    Costs can vary depending on the needs of your business, but for the majority of my clients, my preferred supplier charges NZ$15/month (incl. GST).

  3. Domain Name Registration:
    Each year, your domain name (web address) will require renewal. This will be approx. NZ$18-25 (although is often bundled in within the Hosting fee).

I prefer to set these up in your name, with your business credit card, as it is important that you own these important business asset (not me!).

Yes! It is YOUR website.

Once the website is completed, I can train you/your staff how to do this.
You will get a password to be able to login to do this from any computer with an internet connection.

For more complex updates and changes, I will still be available, and work to an hourly rate (or agreed project fee for larger updates).


It depends on the system your website has been built with (such as WordPress, Shopify, Weebly or WIX), and your requirements. Please get in touch and we can discuss further.

The best images are photos of your business.
Ideally these will be taken by a professional photographer, but you can supply your own.
When we are planning your website, we can decide what shots we will require.

Your company logo or graphics can be supplied to me as a pdf, png or jpeg file.

Other images are sourced from:

  • custom created by graphic designers (I can recommend some if you wish)
  • stock images can be purchased from many sources

If one of your reasons for building a website is to “be found on Google”, then understanding this is critical.

SEO is an important part of the web design process. It is somewhat ‘behind the scenes’, but is necessary to help you build traffic to your website over time.

When building your site, I will help optimise your website and content, and include meta data for all pages, and alt text for all images.

The below are some other things that can be done, but are not included within the website build fee (as these are “off-page”). These often require an ongoing effort, and will help build ranking over time:

  • listing your website on appropriate directories
  • listing on other relevant industry websites
  • gaining links to your site on other sites