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I am often asked to assist with the set-up of my client’s Facebook pages. In order to do this, they need to add a new admin to your Facebook page. So here are some easy to follow instructions for you…

There are 5 different access levels for your business Facebook page. Only the Administrator/s can change the level of someone’s access.

The access that these roles have are outlined below:

Facebook page roles
Source: Facebook
If you wish to add another person to the help in the running of your business Facebook page, then please follow the below instructions.

  1. Login to your business page
  2. Click on the Settings tab
  3. Facebook page settings tab

  4. Click on Page Roles
  5. Facebook page roles

  6. Add the email address and select the access level required for this person. This email address must be one linked with their Facebook account.
  7. how to add admin to Facebook page

  8. Click SAVE
  9. The person you have added should receive a notification that they have been added. They need to accept this invitation.

    At any time, you may remove this person by clicking on the X to the right-hand side of their user profile – or change the level of their access using the dropdown box.
    how to remove user from facebook page

    NB: if you add someone else as an Admin, they will have the same access rights as you – and could change YOUR settings.

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