Little Biz Online

The mission of Little Biz Online is to give small businesses a professional, adaptable and affordable online presence.

It is about empowering you with ownership and skills to make your online channels truly integrate with the rest of your business – and automate as much as possible to reduce your admin time.

Why is it so affordable?

I use professional (and highly customisable) templates for a base design, and pre-built ‘plugins’ for functionality, using systems such as WordPress or Shopify. This eliminates the cost of having to code your website from scratch, and gives far more long-term flexibility as you can add or remove functionality as your business evolves over time, without large re-build costs. Most small businesses do not require a custom-built website.
I also work from home, which helps keeps overheads down.

I happily work in with your existing business network – whether this is a graphic designer, photographer, social media content manager, marketing consultant, IT specialist, or even just a preferred hosting provider. If you need, I can also recommend people to fulfill any of these roles.

Leah Harold

Bachelor of Business (Advertising & Marketing)

Prior to establishing Little Biz Online, I worked for ten years in advertising agencies, both in NZ and the UK. I worked in media strategy and planning – working closely with the creative and digital specialists to create integrated marketing campaigns. I spent a lot of time working for the big companies, with the big budgets, and became disappointed with how much smaller businesses were being charged when they often didn’t require the same level of complexity.

I am a work-from-home mum with two young children, and I love the flexibility that this gives me to have the best of both worlds. I enjoy tramping (although it is mostly reduced to 30 minute bush walks with a 3 year-old in tow lately), playing sport, and getting stuck in and mucky with my kids at Playcentre.

Leah Harold